What are some of Divinia Water's

Unique Benefits?

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It is "Exclusion Zone" Water


DIVINIA is scientifically known as “Exclusion Zone” (“EZ”) water —  the same water found in mitochondria, the “energy powerhouses” of your cells. It is also known as “4th Phase” water:  H30[1]  


It is 1000x Purer

It is free of ALL contaminants and is 1000x purer than other marketed bottled water tested; 0.00ppm. [2]

It is Activated and Has Increased Oxygen


DIVINIA is naturally 102% oxygenated! The activated/energized/structured state of Divinia remains steady over time and temperature variations. This means it can be stored in any condition and stays fresh and vital, which makes it the ideal water to store for disaster preparedness. [3]


It has More Bioavailable Hydrogen


DIVINIA is more hydrating! It has higher energy stored in its H20 bond, making the hydrogen and oxygen naturally more bioavailable. This means it has more energy available for you! It is more hydrating than deionized water or rainwater. [3]

It is "Deuterium Depleted"


Divinia is the first bottled water on the market that has been validated to be deuterium depleted. It is bioavailable to your cells without heavy hydrogen isotopes and helps restrain free radicals. [4]  Divinia has lower deuterium levels at 128-135 ppm. ‘Average’ water has 155 ppm. Better health is attributed to DDW. These benefits include anti-cancer, anti-aging, reduced depression, better sleep, and higher energy levels.

It is Eco-Friendly in Recyclable Glass Bottles 


DIVINIA’s unique production process is patent-pending

and verified by seven universities.

1: This benefit of Divinia has been validated at the University of Washington.

2: These benefits of DIVINIA have been validated by clinical trials at Amity University & Penn State.

3. These benefits of DIVINIA have been validated at Penn State University.

4: This benefit of DIVINIA has been validated at the University of California, Davis.