What People are Saying

To be clear, I, Merrily Milmoe, am not making any claims here. These are anecdotal testimonials generously and voluntarily shared by customers. These testimonials are from people who have been drinking Divinia water consistently from one to nine months.  A few people who were given a “death sentence” by their doctors; (less than a month to live) said they drank as much as 6-8 bottles (1 gallon) of Divinia water each day, but didn’t change their “not-so-great” eating habits or anything else. Several years later, they are alive and prospering! 


An example of this is Ralph Stanton who, in 2011 was exposed on-site to an extreme plutonium leak at Idaho National Labs. Ralph had 15,000 times more radiation exposure and was given a slow, painful death sentence. I highly recommend that you begin by watching this Remarkable Recovery with Divinia Water. 

Watch the full video here.  NOTE: If you’re short of time, fast forward to the 28:00 minute mark where Ralph speaks about drinking Divinia and his recovery process.

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"My bone marrow and liver were completely full of iron, and I was in the beginning stages of kidney and liver failure as well. It has never been documented before in medical history that radiation could be brought out of kidneys, liver, and bone marrow in such a short time. I know it was due to the Divinia water. I didn’t eat well and in fact, was so depressed from my extreme radiation poisoning that I began to drink. I started on Divinia seriously in January 2017, and on May 27th, 2017, my liver and kidneys were fully functional, and my iron levels were just slightly above normal!  I would never have believed water could help like this. I thank Steven Sedylmayr and his Divinia for saving my life!” 

~ Ralph Stanton, Idaho, 2017

At 46:40 minutes Steve Sedlmayr, Divinia CEO, starts talking again in this video. “Studies are being done on plants grown with Divinia water - that “may” be cancer-resistant. Various studies have been going on to see if Divinia has a positive effect on stem cells and DNA telomeres (which are related to aging). I want to be clear that I am not making any medical claims here. ... I know of 4 doctors who now drink this water and advocate it for their patients.”  


Hi, thank you so much for the amazing water. Nothing slated my thirst so completely. I can’t stop drinking it! Yesterday, I was able to jog some and today, I was able to run. I don’t know where this amazing energy came from but maybe it’s the water! Unusual synchronicity at play: The chemotherapy treatment has been giving me great thirst and I have to remind myself to drink more. I was always searching for better water and now I know exactly where to go.  It tastes so good!  I just can’t get enough, almost addicting. Thank you for turning me onto this fascinating Divinia product.

~ Carl, Marin County, Ca. 12/2019

Hi Merrily - I am calling you because I thought you would like to hear some very interesting results from drinking Divinia water. A friend of mine was riddled with Black Mold, which is very serious and has greatly impacted her health. As you know, it is a common problem with those who live in the woods here in Mill Valley. For ten years, she had been trying everything, both traditionally and holistically, with little improvement. I remember you referring me to Dr. Gerald Pollack’s book, 4th Phase of Water - Beyond Solid, Liquid & Vapor; where it was shown that Divinia’s 4th Phase Exclusion Zone allows for toxins to be removed very efficiently from the body. So - I ended up giving her some of my stored Divinia to try. I think she drank two bottles a day for only four weeks. At her recent doctor’s appointment, tests showed that there was no trace of mold in her body or blood! And, as for me, as you know I have had thyroid and health issues for a long time, and now, I am more committed than ever to embrace and focus on my body. I am committed to drinking two bottles a day and I have also found a wonderful intuitive naturopath who discovered something that no other doctor had found. I have a huge accumulation of Roundup poison in my Pituitary Gland, which certainly explains a lot of my symptoms. However, one thing surprised this brilliant naturopath. She was perplexed to find out how clear and healthy my blood was. I know it was Divinia that helped with that.

Update: 1/2020  Merrily, I thought you would be interested to know that my thyroid gland that was at zero function is now up to 25%. I need to order more Divinia from you and want to thank you for all the research you do and for providing it to me in a way that is easier to afford. 

~ Tam M. Mill Valley, CA 11/2019


Hi Merrily, I have been wanting to remember to tell you how I recently benefited from drinking Divinia. I am healthy and in very good shape, but in the past 20 years when I go yearly to Lake Tahoe, I am greatly affected by the high altitude. I get severe headaches, and when I walk, I start wheezing. This year, my husband and I brought several cases of Divinia with us in the car, and I drank it consistently, as did other girlfriends that were with me who also loved the taste. My daughter would never drink much water before, and she loves Divinia so much that she wants us to send some to her at college. It tastes light and goes down very smoothly. For the very first time over many years of vacationing in Lake Tahoe - I did not get one headache or wheezing symptoms. I also did not get out-of-breath when I walked and hiked. I thought that might be because of the higher content of oxygen in the Divinia water. My husband and I are now a regular part of your Community Pickup, and at least one of my girlfriends will be calling you soon to buy some. 

~ Louise O. San Rafael, CA 11/2019 


Merrily, I would like to order two small size pallets delivered to my two home locations. The Divinia water has really helped clear up my psoriasis, and I have been experimenting with spraying it on my skin. I look forward to buying the 10X when it arrives. Let me know how to proceed.

~ Mike B. Sausalito, CA 8/2019


Hi Merrily – Good news! As you know,  for many years, I have had a lot of challenges with my body and health, including Fibromyalgia.  I have needed a team of practitioners, acupuncturists, bodyworkers, and chiropractors weekly for a long time now, just to keep me functioning and in less pain. I have been drinking Divinia starting at only one bottle a day because that’s all that I could afford and began two bottles a day shortly after. For the FIRST time, my acupuncturist said that my overall chi (Energy) was much higher, and the Adrenals and Kidney and Liver meridians were balancing and strengthening. Nothing else has changed in my life other than drinking Divinia, and I got these results within one week! Just as awesome was that my regular chiropractor commented that the fascia throughout my musculoskeletal system is more hydrated, and my upper thoracic bones are moving much better than before. JUST ONE WEEK FROM STARTING THE DIVINIA. That’s HUGE for me!  Even my massage therapist mentioned that the muscles in my shoulder area are more pliable. And all these improvements are from drinking only two bottles of Divinia a day. I wish to re-subscribe with you for another month of deliveries. My husband is now starting on one bottle a day as well.

~ Kathy P.  Venice, CA 11/2091


Merrily, I’m 89 years old, and for at least 20 years, I had been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, Fibromyalgia, edema (swelling), and Macular Degeneration. I am able to lower slowly some of my medications - not off all medications yet. I started drinking 2 - 2.5 bottles of Divinia a day, for nine months now. Over the first three months, my health improved gradually and gently. At 3 months, I noticed my energy, stamina, focus, and creativity had increased 3-fold!     For many years, my Cholesterol was at 220. Every member of my family genetically has high cholesterol. Now it is 135!  In my whole life, I have never been that low. My Blood Pressure has been high at 155/72 for many years. Now,  it is 125/65. The doctor was amazed!  My left eye was particularly riddled with Macular Degeneration … its vision went from 100/100 to 100/50. I am happier and more calm about life’s daily challenges. Divinia is extraordinary; it's what I would call 'intelligent'!

~ Judy W., San Rafael, CA 10/2019


Hi Merrily! Sorry for being so out-of-touch. It was great to receive your email newsletter on Divinia Water and sharing as a researcher with me once again - what you've learned on the cutting edge that can contribute to our health and well-being.  I am sending my son Charlie to pick up water for the family and me at your Community pick-up this week. I am dealing with Osteoporosis and a T12 vertebrae fracture. Living in pain has not been fun. I work from my bed, but it is limited. I have only been able to get up and around a few hours a day, and then I have to lie down, so I found this water just in time. I think my condition impacts the amount of oxygen I am able to take in, so I was happy to read the study that verified that Divinia contains 102% bioavailable oxygen. I am determined to recover and find my way back to vitality again. Thank you so much!

Update from Deb: The whole tribe loves the water. I am detoxing, so I find myself drinking 4-5 bottles a day. We all love it so much, especially the kids. They call it ‘Magic Water.’ I guess it was exactly what we needed, so I need to order another 200 bottles or so. We are going through it fast!

~ Deborah K. Mill Valley, CA 11/12019

Hi Merrily, I almost forgot to mention this because it took me a couple of days to figure out that it was the drinking of the Divinia water that changed my most recent medical test results from good to perfect. I didn't do anything else differently. I thought you would be pleased to hear that.

~ Lorna A., Mill Valley, CA  1/2020